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Raw VS. Kibble - Which food is right for my pet?

We want to give our pets the best lives that we can give, right? How do you know which pet food is the right choice for your pet with all these new-fangled options?

We are starting to realize the importance of feeding our pets, and ourselves, a natural and unprocessed diet. I often hear people say, "I would never give my dog people food," or "I buy him the most expensive kibble and he loves it." Well, I'm here to tell you, that while expensive, grain-free kibbles are always healthier than cheap grain added-kibble diets, make sure you look at the ingredients as not all are created equal. If you can't pronounce or don't know what the first ten ingredients are, don't even bother with it. If the first three ingredients are corn, rice, animal fat, or pork/chicken/beef bi-products or meal, run for the hills. These ingredients will do very little for your pet, and corn and rice are just fillers with little to no nutritional value. Pet food companies have had us under their spell for centuries, claiming that pets love it and that their food is fully nutritionally balanced. This is not always the case. Read the labels and google ingredients and stay informed.

The fact is, people food is healthy for dogs and cats. People food is animal food, unprocessed. Not pizza and chips, of course, but veggies such as kale and peas are wonderful for your pet. Meats (USDA approved if possible) of all kinds are healthy - uncooked or cooked. I often feed my dog uncooked meats and bones.

Does my dog or cat have a food allergy? The warning signs are: Does your dog or cat vomit regularly? Is your dog or cat's skin flaky and irritated? Raw and homemade foods can help, but make sure you're feeding your pet a fully balanced diet. Too much of one thing is never good.

I look at feeding my dog only kibble like this: would you want to eat cereal for every meal of every day? Not only are kibble pet foods hard for your dog to digest, but can cause serious food-related illnesses such as kidney disease, liver disease, allergies and different types of cancers over time.

So stay curious and healthy, my friends, and consider feeding your pet people food.

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